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Crew and yacht job offer (7 500 - 9 500 фунт стерлингов)
The Yacht Company
Великобритания, Бернем-он-Кроуч
Вид деятельности: Транспортировка яхт
Для связи: Charlie Birett
Телефон: +7 (452) 032694
E-mail: career@theyachtcompanyuk.org

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The Yacht Company cover all roles and have extensive knowledge of industry requirements and standards. We're never complacent about what it takes to find the right person for the role and we are always looking for people with various technical abilities and relevant skills. The industry standards required depend upon the role we are recruiting for. The most successful candidates have passion and the personality to be best they can be, whom have good references showing they deliver consistent exceptional service. The Yacht Company takes pride in enabling a yacht to find the best crew who can commit to the position and in turn create amazing careers for yacht personnel. We regularly place crew in the following positions: Captain Sailing Yacht Engineer Engineer Class 1/Y1 Engineer Class 2 / Y2 Engineer III /3 / Y3 Engineer III /1 / Y4 Elecrical & Electronics Meol / AEC First Mate 2nd Mate Deckhand Chef Couples Chief Stew 2nd Stew Stew

Professional Crew Placement, Yacht Engineer Recruitment Class 1/Y1, Yacht Engineer Recruitment Class 2/Y2, Engineer Recruitment III /3 / Y3, Engineer Recruitment III /1 / Y4, ETO Recruitment, 1st / 2nd Mate Recruitment, Deckhands, Chef Recruitment, and Stew Recruitment
График: Полный рабочий день
Место работы: На рабочем месте
Страна, город работы: Великобритания, Бернем-он-Кроуч
Образование: среднее
Опыт работы: от 1 до 3-х лет
Пол: Мужчина
Возраст: от 25 до 65

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